Masterclass Best Practice for Project Planning

Masterclass – Best Practice for Reliable Project Planning

Planning your project is an essential tool in project management but, in practice, projects often, if not always, overrun and therefore go over budget.

From the point at which the project is submitted to the execution stage, planning must show:

  • When the work must be done
  • The provisional timeline for tasks
  • The project delivery roadmap
  • Progress monitoring and timeline management
  • How to spot potential problems, anticipate them and implement an action plan
  • Where responsibility lies at every level
  • The main stages, milestones and tasks
  • Cost estimates in relation to the schedule and potential delays
  • Optimise resources and create flexibility in terms of task completion
  • Set margins for risk assimilation
  • Determine the impact of adding or removing tasks and making changes

As stated in the previous article “Are your project schedule reliable? “, it is essential to be able to rely upon your project planning from tender to execution.

We put the masterclass together with this in mind. We wanted to share best practice tips for developing robust planning that meets the benchmarks required by more and more contracts and also provides schedule risk analysis.

Using best practice, to develop your project schedule in Primavera P6, MS-Project, TILOS or any other software, in the concepts stage and ensuring coherence throughout is a key factor in improving a project’s chances of success.  There is a correlation between how substantially – or well – planned a project is and the resulting implementation performance.

As such, good results in the analysis phase of project planning give you the confidence to schedule risk analysis. The schedule risk analysis will provide an estimate of how likely the project is to be delivered on time, the time that should be allocated for risk margins and, of course, the associated costs.


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