Quote #4 – Engagement

Project success is about team success, if you cannot engage your team, if you fail to recognise their work, do not expect accountability or ownership. They will not give their best to the project and in extreme cases will leave the team. Recognition brings more engagement, more accountability and passion about ones’ contribution, and therefore, […]

Quote #3 – Project Management

It is better to define short, medium and long term goals to increase the probability of success. At each step, review what you have done so far and adjust your next objectives. Always believe in your success, your capabilities and skills, and you will make it happen! When it is obvious that the goals cannot be […]

Quote #2 – Risks

Who has never failed or faced a problem? We all and that is how we progress! We learned to walk, we fell and stood-up until we managed to run..and overcome different obstacles. Truth is, we learn from our mistakes or facing challenges…that is what drives us to a genuine success and allows us to grow […]

Quote #1 – Innovation

Sleep on your problems and you will dream the solution. I would say it is also the power to change your environment, go to the nature to get some fresh air, breath and disconnect. Let your imagination bring ideas from different sectors and innovate into your field. Work on the steps to make your dreams come […]