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expertise in managing your projects

Our know-how

With many years of experience, our cross-sector skills based know-how is totally unique.

Your guarantees

Our team guarantees the success of all your projects on the basis of reliable forecasts, with no unpleasant surprises.

Allow us to manage your projects!

We support you on the different aspects of your project according to your needs.

Project planning and control

Our team of experts will help you plan, manage and gather information to make the right decisions at the right time for your project.

We get involved at all phases of the project: from study to commissioning.

The planning and cost control and even the acquired value and risk management is our business!

Project planning and monitoring

We develop your schedules and conduct an extensive timeline analysis. We add our experience of both the bidding phase and during the execution of your projects.

With critical path analysis and verification of the application of best practices coupled with delay risk analysis, we ensure the development of a robust, flexible and reliable project schedule.

Cost and performance control

Our experts estimate the budget needed for your project based on the costs related to workers, contractors, materials, machines and other physical or digital infrastructure.

All aspects are taken into account to ensure thorough cost control.

We make sure that the costs incurred are in line with what was budgeted.

Schedule and cost risk analysis

All projects are subject to risk from the very beginning.

Our role is to identify, classify and quantify them. A quantitative and qualitative analysis allows us to simulate and model the impacts on the project's time and costs.

From analysis of the schedule to Monte-Carlo simulations, we work with you to define the responses to risks and corrective actions according to their time and cost impacts.

Project governance and PMO

We act as PMO to help and support the project manager in how to best drive their project.

One of the challenges is to coordinate all aspects of the project and standardise processes.

We also remain involved in projects through the entire project management cycle: validation stages, project creation and termination decisions, with a goal of continuous improvement.

Project management consulting

Our team performs customised consulting assignments tailored to your needs:

  • Analysis of the existing situation
  • Project management maturity assessment and improvement plan
  • Development and implementation of methodology
  • Coaching & mentoring: knowledge assessment and tailored training plan

Need support for your project?

We are available to discuss your specific projects and needs.